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Also needed: plastic bags for packing the freshly baked cookies; padding to keep the cookies from being crushed. Packages should be taken to the post office; submit a receipt for the postage to the Treasurer for reimbursement. Examples: Use your own judgment if you are in charge of this project. Submit an insert page for the Sunday bulletin asking for volunteers from the congregation to bake cookies.

Set up a reminder calendar for yourself which includes the birthdays of the college students.

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Buy or make a supply of birthday cards that you can send as the birthdays come around. At least two weeks before Thanksgiving, buy or make Thanksgiving cards and address them to the college students. Last week of the month: call volunteers to bake cookies for Christmas packages.

Before the 1st Sunday, alert the youth leader that packages need to be prepared on the 1st Sunday. Buy or make Christmas cards for the youth group to sign and have markers and pens for them to use. Get newsletters, plastic bags, boxes and address labels from the church office. Then organize your materials and put packages together with your volunteers. About two weeks before Easter, call volunteers to bake cookies for the Easter packages. Buy or make Easter cards and Easter candy Peeps,chocolate eggs, etc. Check your supplies see December and arrange with the youth leader to prepare packages about two weeks before Easter.

Organize your materials and pack away!

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Remember, a lot of college semesters end by May 15, so be sure the cards will get there before the students leave for the year. Sample Insert for Sunday bulletin and Messenger in September. During the course of the year, The Deacons sends College Care packages to the high school graduates who attended the youth group and church. This ministry is sponsored by our Board of Deacons. The packages are filled with cards, cookies, goodies and church newsletters, to remind students that we still think of them even when they are away at college.

Do you know a college student who would like to receive College Care packages? Can you bake cookies and donate them a few times a year?

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Please give this form to an usher or return it to the church office as soon as possible. Reaching out with the love, charity and hope of Jesus Christ to the needy in our community. Approximately lunches are served during that time. An annual contribution from our budget is spent on unisex tube sox, hats and gloves and delivered to TASK for distribution.

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Magazines, donated by members of our congregation, are collected in the hallway education wing and are delivered monthly to TASK. Church members are also encouraged to volunteer as tutors at TASK. Cathy Vandegrift, Assistant Director. Turn Right on Perry Street to the first stoplight and turn Left. Go 1 block to Escher Street and turn Right. TASK is at the end of the dead-end street on your left. Park in the lot beside the building or on the street in front.

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You must ring the buzzer by the delivery door to be let in. The staff prefers that you come 30 to 45 minutes before the OO a. Through our Board of Deacons, Hopewell Presbyterian Church participates in the collection and distribution of food to the needy, local families, by the Hopewell Council of Churches. The non-perishable food items are collected by all of the member churches and stored in a designated area at First Calvary Baptist Church, on Broad Street, Hopewell. Home Every week or two, check the collection area to pick up the donations placed there.

If the Council of Churches Food Pantry does not need donations of non-perishable items, the below agencies or groups can be contacted as a means of distributing the food collected. Elaine Buck often knows of someone in need. Respond to special emergency needs in the community. Flood victims, fire victims or similar. The recording secretary takes notes at each of the Deacons' meetings and composes a formal set of Minutes from the notes. These are mailed to the Deacons and the Deacons' pastoral representative before the next meeting.

A copy is also given to the church secretary, who copies it for inclusion in the packet of information given to each Session member before the next Session meeting. When supplies need to be replenished or something new is needed, you will make those purchases and be reimbursed by receipt through the Treasurer of Deacons.

Care cards are sent out to members and friends on behalf of the Board of Deacons. These can be sent at anytime, for any and all occasions by discernment of the Care Card Deacon. Cards may be sent for get- well, sympathy, congratulations graduation, baby's birth, baptism, confirmation, etc. To know who should receive cards, you can check the prayer list in the worship bulletin, make notes of needs that you hear in church or at church meeting, and ask the deacons to relay such news to you.

You can find addresses in the church directory or call the church office.

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Holiday Cards are sent out twice a year at Christmas and Easter. These cards are sent to current pastors and spouses, staff, seminary interns, music leaders, youth leaders, home bound members in nursing homes, past pastors and spouses and members who have moved away. Each holiday the list of names should be reviewed and updated with input from all Deacons.

The cards need to be large enough for plenty of names and notes. Prior to the holiday, cards are set up in.

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Fellowship Hall for our congregation to sign for two weeks after Sunday services. Typically after someone has been away from the church five years, they may be removed from the holiday card list. A paragraph or two should be submitted to the bulletin and Messenger as well as be announced during the services that these cards will be in Fellowship Hall for signing. The Writing and Correspondence Ministry is responsible for submitting articles to the monthly Messenger.

This keeps the congregation informed of the different Deacon ministries. In May compile a list of upcoming high school and college graduates from our congregation and submit the list for publication in the June Messenger. The list should also be given to the office to be included in the Sunday bulletin. The Prayer Cards are for specific people who were mentioned during prayer time during worship or anyone else that this ministry knows about. This is a new outreach of the Deacons initiated in the fall of Each month a Splash Packet is sent to parents of children from birth to three years of age to help in faith formation.

As part of the Writing and Correspondence Ministry, the Deacons will maintain the cradle roll for the church. The Bereavement Ministry provides support for the family when a church member passes away.

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  7. This includes, but is not limited to, planning and carrying out an appropriate funeral reception at Hopewell Presbyterian Church. There is no charge for the service provided, as most items needed for receptions are donated by church members, and the remainder are paid for through the Deacons' budget For Memorial Gifts, see the end of this Bereavement Ministry section.

    We offer different types of receptions depending on the time of day when the funeral service is held and the number of people who are expected to attend. The following is a list of the types of receptions and what is typically provided for each, though we are very flexible. Morning services: tea, coffee, punch, cookies and fruit. Afternoon services: tea, coffee, punch, tea sandwiches, vegetable tray, cookies and fruit. Late afternoon services: tea, coffee, punch, cheese, crackers, and cookies.

    Large receptions: for more than people we may only provide the space and helpers. When a funeral or memorial service is planned, the Pastor lets the family know that a reception can also be planned.

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    If the family does want a reception, the Pastor will notify you- - the Bereavement deacon s , and you will need to immediately go into action. Contact the family to offer assistance. Also, ask whether the family would like to have extra food taken to the home after the reception.

    Discuss with them what services the Deacons will be providing, as they may wish to be key volunteers at the funeral or reception. Invite them to take the extra food to the family's home and to handle other follow-up care and contact. Arrange on a tray or platter at home, and bring to church ready to place on table.