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Welcome to Living the Dream! I'm Jeremy, a full-time blogger based in Pittsburgh. Throw in stories from guest authors, staff writers, and my favorite travel partner Angie my wife , and we've featured stories from every continent! At its core, Living the Dream is a travel blog- one that focuses on tips and advice, adventure activities, and food and beverage from around the world.

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While we love to visit unusual destinations, we're also not shy about visiting conventional spots too! In the past 10 years I've hiked to Everest Base Camp , marveled at the moai of Easter Island , splurged out on points in the Seychelles , visited the mountain gorillas of Uganda , gone scuba diving in the Galapagos , and even scored French Laundry reservations.

Save Deebing Creek Mission. Sign the petition for a Commission of Inquiry.


Elena talks about the history of sex worker self-organisation, the conditions of sex workers in Australia today and the importance of the struggle to decriminalise sex work to improving the working conditions and lives of sex workers. Content Warning — the episode mentions violence against women.

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  6. In this episode Dave withsobersenses chats with excellent comrade Alexander Brown about the anti-nuclear movement in Japan. Alexander really digs into the thought, concepts and understandings of the movement. Anti-nuclear Protest in Post-Fukushima Tokyo.

    Power struggles: the strategies and tactics of the anti-nuclear movement in contemporary Tokyo. We try to dig in to how McManus fails to understand the actual dynamics of capitalism — rather blaming bad people and bad ideas for the problems we face. This means the book points us in the wrong direction. Rather we need to address the core dynamics in our society if we want to fight exploitation and oppression today and struggle for and create a society where we can live lives worth living.

    Bridget discusses the ideas that were discussed there, their implications for struggles and the kind of future abolishing prisons points to. She digs into how prisons quilt together histories of colonialism, the operation of patriarchy and the oppression of Indigenous people and thus why the struggle against them is so important. What we get wrong about smart Asian kids. Why Asian Australians should call out racism beyond their own culture.

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    Activist Or Professional? A Feminist Question. Sisters Inside do lots of amazing things. They are currently raising funds to free Aboriginal women imprisoned for the non-payment of fines. Chip in if you can. In this episode of Living The Dream Jon jonpiccini and Dave withsobersenses take off the party-hats, pick the streamers from their shoulders of their tuxedo jackets, set aside the Champagne flutes and have a chat about what was all about what we think is going to happen in Climate Change, fascism, libspill, disaster communism, power prices, radical social democracy, changetherules, metoo, book recommendations and angry clowns air boxing whilst riding unicycles — this episode has it all!

    Cronulla 2. Stephen Wertheim — Return of the Neocons.

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