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What is the next step?

February 27, 2009

The ecumenical agenda will need to stop being tied to the past and has to be open to the ecumenism of the future. Why do we not open up to the reality of millions of Christians who do not understand our divisions? In fact, in the last decades we have witnessed the weakening of confessional structures. There has been a globalization of the religious experience. The lines of authority, faithfulness and spirituality go across the different confessions.

We do not ignore the dangers of this new situation, but we also wonder: Is it not, maybe, a blow of the Spirit? Is it not that God is creating something new and we have not been aware? People ask us: How can you be related to churches like those integrating the World Council of Churches? Thus stated, the question is impossible to answer due to the diversity of Evangelical churches and to the diversity of the churches within the Council.

We need honest attitudes of mutual respect and consideration. This is no longer so. Neither could we understand, in its time, the struggle of our brothers and sisters who, in the s, put their lives at risk for being witnesses of Jesus Christ, of his justice and truth.

Since then, more than once, we have repented in private and in public. However, unity becomes difficult when our brothers and sisters treat us like sects, see Pentecostals as a danger and interpret the growth of Evangelical churches as the advance of the bellicose right. It is not with caricatures and prejudice that unity is built up.

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It is necessary to understand that the religious map of the world has changed and that the map of Christianity has changed. The potential of the Church has passed from North to South.

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Christians of this part of the world have the opportunity of making our unity in Christ visible in our daily commitment with the mission, and we cannot postpone it. Our impoverished peoples, our looted lands and our societies bound by sin are challenging us. An ecumenism of the mission is possible as long as Jesus Christ is proclaimed as Savior and Lord, and the gospel is presented with an integral perspective.


We believe that the centrality of Jesus Christ marks the difference between the mission of the Church and religious compassion. Let us be clear: Latin America needs Jesus Christ and the liberating power of his gospel. We should be fulfilling the mission of announcing that truth. We have to accept our diversity as an expression of the manifold grace of God. There are different ways of being the Church and, lately, such diversity has multiplied.

A good ecumenical exercise will be to know the limit of diversity we are ready to accept. But it should be an acceptance without traps, without first and second-class churches. We should accept without ecclesiological plays on words communities of faith, ecclesial communities, churches, etc. Let me conclude with a question: How about trying with the Spirit?

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We have consumed seas of ink and tons of paper writing about unity. We have not wasted time, neither strength nor resources. But we have come up to here. La idea es utilizar surface normal para pesar las tres direcciones de textura.

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Comenzaremos al soportar solo una directional light. Ha surgido un problema al filtrar las opiniones justo en este momento. Vuelva a intentarlo en otro momento. An introduction to the pre-wall life in Berlin that defines very well what was its purpose. The story is a spider net that traps you till the end. Best spy novel I've read in a long time. Kanon knows the period, the politics and the traps that people fell into, their instinctive solidarity with socialism enmeshing them in the messy business of a soviet occupation. Alex Meier, a Jewish writer who fled Germany after being briefly imprisoned by the Nazis and set free by a bribe has been living in LA.

His marriage in tatters, he has a 10 year old American son. He is forced to leave the U. Of course then everything goes haywire. He is being betrayed, but by whom? The young brother of a former friend who died in Spain turns up as an East German political cop. A former lover is sleeping with a Russian officer yet acts very seductive with Alex. His case officer seems hostile. The Association salutes the souls of the martyrs, our sons who were forcibly disappeared and killed by the authorities who claimed they were killed in clashes.

The only way that this can be an effective, efficient and lasting convention, is that all countries ratify it and accept the committee and that all human rights are respected. Enforced Disappearance is still a tool of repressive governments to paralyze their political enemies and other innocent communities. The Association also calls upon all free people in the world, human rights organizations and the United Nations to support the cause of the forcibly disappeared as the most just and most humane cause, and to take legal actions to prosecute the perpetrators according to the mechanisms available to them.

In Africa, 11 countries have already ratified, 27 signed, and 26 countries have no action.

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  • Please the title to read the full statement. Berthold Brecht and his group are in the background of the Kulturbund, artists cultivated by East Germany to present a cultivated face on the new post-Nazi German nation. Meier has to act and think fast, and quickly realizes that he is on his own and there is perhaps nobody he can trust.

    It is helpful if you know the background of the postwar period, and are familiar a bit with Brecht, as well as the German film industry.